Manticore Standard Hit Edit

The standard hit on Manti is all zookas from 7 o'clock. It is also common to see people do a scorcher zooka hit from 3 o'clock. There is a place for that hit, but it is not the hit that we normally recommend. The all zooka attack is significantly easier than the scorcher zooka hit and deals close to as much damage.

The Path Edit


There are 3 to 4 mines to clear on this base. Normally one is a 245 and can be ignored.


Do a flag landing on the beach. Drop your hero in the middle of your deploy so the boom cannons to not take her out.


Flare to below the third boom cannon and drop a smoke.


Then flare up right on the left line like so.


When your zookas are about to catch up with your hero flare on the left side of the building health statue.


Use 2 smokes to protect the hit point.


When the smoke timers get to 9 o'clock throw 2 critter packs on each side of the core and use 4 shocks to get the shocks and flame throwers (unless your gangster; then you can use 3).

GBE Usage Edit

Open Landing Hot Landing
Artillery 3 3
Smoke 8 11
Flares 4 4
BO 1 1
GBE to Core 79 112
6 GBE 4s, 3c 4s, 1c; 3s, 2c
5 GBE 4s, 2c 3s, 1c
  • Note that this GBE usage is for a close to perfect attack. Even skilled players may find they use an extra smoke.


Manticore with Brick

Manticore with Brick