Conifold Standard Hit Edit

Conifold is an unshielded base with the core to the back and right side of the base. The typical strategy for Conifold is to smoke zookas to 11 o'clock near the core, flare the core and shock. Most of the time Coni (as it is often known as) will require 2-4 shocks to protect the hit. However, occasionally it is best to clear for a free snipe. Before the heroes update Coni was done with a long flare to the rear wall. Occasionally, you will see people kill their hero on the beach and use the wall flares, but there are know good hero flare points on Coni and that is what we will recommend.

The Path Edit

Coni 1

Do a flag landing right where the lines cross.

Coni 2

Flare to to the point right next to where that boom cannon is. Often times there are power cells to the left of the boom cannon but there is always a small gap so flare in that gap. The zookas will split around the power cell.

Coni 3
The zookas will split around the first machine gun but they will join back up right away
Coni 4
Wait for the zookas to catch up to the hero, but don't wait for them to spread out before you flare. When you time it right they form a single file line again.
Coni 5
The flare goes right on the corner of the core. Again wait for the zookas to catch up with the hero before you flare to the hit point.
Coni 6

Flare in between the boom cannons once the zookas catch up with the hero.

Coni 7

Finally, flare the core.

GBE Usage Edit

Open Landing Hot Landing
Artillery 1 1
Smoke 10 11
Flares 4 4
BO 6 6
GBE to Core 88 100
6 GBE 5s, 1c 4s, 2c
5 GBE 4s, 1c 4s
  • Note that this GBE usage is for a close to perfect attack. Even skilled players may find they use an extra smoke.


Conifold solo with a little help from Sgt

Conifold solo with a little help from Sgt. Brick

This is not a very good example.  This was my first attempt at finding the flare points.  They are close to right but not quite.  I will replace this with a better example when I get one.