Complex Edit

Complex is an unshielded base with the core in the very top right corner. It is a long walk to get there so stretching out your smoke as much as possible is required for a successful attack. Players that cannot place smoke just barely touching consistently should not attempt this base. The typical play for "Plex" is to smoke all zookas to 3 o'clock and hit the core. Generally the core hit ranges from 2-4 shocks. A 4 shock Complex should not be attempted by a player with only 5 GBE statues. Complex is normally a solo on operations below Dead End and will generally take 2 hits on Dead End and above. The attack that we recommend uses Battle Orders with Sgt. Brick.

The PathEdit

Begin the attack by throwing an artillery to destroy the mines near the hit point. You should aim to kill 6 of the mines 3 down and 2 across. Next throw an artillery on the bottom right defense in the group of 4 right next to the core. By damaging this defense the zookas will not spread too much. You can avoid this artillery by timing your core flare correctly.
Complex Landing
This image shows a flare landing but it is also possible to do a flag landing. The flare needs to be on the left side of the shock launcher.
Complex Cell
Assuming the power cell between the boom cannon and the cannon is there the zookas will go on the right side of the of the power cell.
Complex BC
Then the zookas curve around the right of the sniper tower and the left of the boom cannon.
Complex SL split
The zookas will stay single file until the split around the shock launcher
Complex BC Split
To keep the girls single file the flare needs to be just to the right of the gap between the boom cannons at the top of the base. If the flare is correct then the zookas will stay to the right of the power cell and the three sniper towers. When they reach the boom cannons they will split around them.

GBE Usage Edit

Open Landing Hot Landing
Artillery 2 2
Smoke 11 13
Flares 3 3
BO 6 6
GBE to Core 100 127
6 GBE 4s, 2c 3s, 1c (4 shocks without BO)
5 GBE 4s 3s
  • Note that this GBE usage is for a close to perfect attack. Even skilled players may find they use an extra smoke.

Videos Edit

Complex with Brick

Complex with Brick