Callisto Standard Hit Edit

Callisto is an unshielded base that normally done with a mortar wrap. Generally it will require 4-6 shocks. You without cells you can normally do 5 shocks so if it is more than 5 you will need to get the cells on the right. Callisto should be a one or 2 hitter.

The Path Edit

In most cases it will make sense to take at least some of the free GBE on the right side. Callisto can go bad quickly as there tend to be a lot of dangerous defenses in range of the core so think about how much GBE you need. If it is a 6 shock base with 3 million health, don't take more than you need for the sixth shock as you could take all the cells and you will not extend life long enough to finish it. Without extra GBE the next attacker will be screwed.
Once you are done gathering what ever GBE you need flare to the left to group up for the core hit. For the flare up there are 2 options that work with Brick.
For this option you want your landing flare and smoke right up against the wall. The flare up goes right under the mortars by the core. Before you throw the flare drop the second smoke. The flare up needs to be precise so it is best to have the next smoke prepared so you do not have to rush the flare. With this flare point you will need to drop Brick after the zookas have already started walking to the core.
This spot is the other option for flaring up. With this option you do not need to release Brick after your troops.
Wait for brick to get to the flare, throw the next smoke, zoom in a bunch, and throw a flare against the wall in the small gap between the defenses 8 o'clock from the core.
When your troops have entered the penultimate smoke flare on the corner defense to wrap them around the mortar. It is also possible to wait for the troops to reach the flare and flare on the third mortar down. However, when this does not result in more shocks we do not want to do this as this requires that you hit the difficult 4 in a row shock on the flame throwers above the core.
Finally, flare on the core, activate battle orders and start shocking.

GBE Usage Edit

Hot Landing
Smoke 10
Flares 5
BO 1
GBE to Core 91
6 GBE 5s
5 GBE 4s, 1c
  • Note that this GBE usage is for a close to perfect attack. Even skilled players may find they use an extra smoke.


Boom Beach - Callisto 2 Attack Un boosted - Solo Brick

Boom Beach - Callisto 2 Attack Un boosted - Solo Brick